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Are You Hosting Thanksgiving? We Want To Hear From You


The holidays are coming. Time for friends, family, food and fun. But for the people hosting, a ton of responsibility - last minute preparation and dealing with the unexpected. Well, Weekend Edition is here to help with a new holiday advice series - Help, I'm Hosting! First up, let's tackle Thanksgiving and food. If you're hosting this turkey day, do you have a food related dilemma, a tricky question about the big meal, need some guidance or just a little encouragement? Tell us. Call 202-216-9217. And leave us a voicemail with your full name, where you're from and your phone number and what you need help with. Again, that number is 202-216-9217. You can also email us at weekend@npr.org. We may put your question to a Thanksgiving expert who can help you through the holidays. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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