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Wanted: Snow Shovelers To Clear Bills' Stadium


And now this - we have an opportunity for sports fans. It's a chance to spend many hours shoveling snow in Buffalo.


Steve, I'm a sports fan. That doesn't really sound like a great opportunity.

INSKEEP: Oh, but wait, Arun. There's more. Six feet of snow fell in Buffalo yesterday, as you know. Two more feet are coming today.

RATH: So I've heard. In fact, we heard from Rosemary Zobel (ph), who lives near the stadium for the Buffalo Bills.

ROSEMARY ZOBEL: It's really funny with the kids next door because they're out there, and it's up to their neck.

INSKEEP: Up to their neck, Arun. And here's where the opportunity comes in - because the Bills must shovel tons of snow before Sunday's game against the Jets. So they've offered to pay people who shovel it $10 per hour plus tickets.

RATH: The weather should improve by Sunday - up to 48 degrees. But we can't guarantee the football will be worth it. The Bills are playing the Jets, who are having a pretty dreadful season this year. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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