West Virginia Department of Revenue

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West Virginia tax officials say collections of nearly $949 million so far this fiscal year are 3.7 percent or almost $34 million higher than the same period last year.

Treasury Secretary Dave Hardy says revenues from September alone were up 3.5 percent mainly due to increases in corporate net income tax as well as severance tax receipts from coal mining and natural gas drilling.

Secretary of Revenue Robert Kiss
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West Virginia is reporting a 15 percent increase in October income-tax collections, reflecting gains in employment from a year earlier, while overall state revenues of $322.3 million were 2 percent below this year's budget estimate.

The Department of Revenue says overall collections for the first three months of the state fiscal year were almost $1.24 billion, slightly ahead of last year but $87.4 million below the estimate.


State officials expect a $353 million deficit for the current budget year as revenues from unearthing coal, oil and natural gas continue to drop.

Money, Cash
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The West Virginia Department of Revenue says state finances continue to lag.

As of Nov. 30, the state had collected about $115 million less than expected. The cumulative total of $1.52 billion also is about $83 million less than the state had collected at the same time a year.

Marion County's commissioners have frozen new hires in response to the state's budget problems.

The Tims West Virginian reports that the freeze approved on Wednesday was effective immediately.

Director of the State Budget Office Mike McKown , Secretary of revenue Bob Kiss and Deputy Secretary Mark Muchow in the House Chambers.
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West Virginia's revenue collections missed estimates for the fiscal year's first month.

Figures released Wednesday by the West Virginia Department of Revenue show General Revenue Fund collections for July were nearly $4.8 million below the estimate. Collections totaled $251.78 million.