SB 451

SB 451 – comprehensive education reform – continues to dominate discussion at the Capitol and across the state. The bill was the focus of two public hearings Monday, and it’s now being considered in the House Finance Committee. Host Suzanne Higgins leads an in-depth discussion on the current form of the bill, policies within it, and how it could change in the coming days.

Hemp growers in the region hope a recent change in federal law means they can finally profit from a plant that had been in legal limbo.

The latest Farm Bill legalized hemp, which can be used for products ranging from clothing to soap and herbal remedies. Now it’s up to states to decide how to handle hemp. But as the Ohio Valley ReSource's Liam Niemeyer reports, not all states in the region are ready to cash in on the hemp heyday.

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The West Virginia House of Delegates is considering changes to Senate Bill 451 – or the education omnibus bill, as it is often referred to. 

This week’s reporter roundtable focuses on the week’s action over SB 451 – comprehensive education reform. We recap what happened with the bill since passing out of the West Virginia Senate on Monday, and where it is now in the committee process over in the House of Delegates.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Trump, R-Morgan, and fellow Senate Judiciary member Mike Romano, D-Harrison, join host Suzanne Higgins to chat about some of the recent legislation they’ve considered in committee as well as on the Senate floor. We also breakdown the recent changes to SB 451 – comprehensive education reform – made in the House of Delegates.

We bring you a special report and in-depth discussion on water infrastructure needs in West Virginia. Reporter Caity Coyne of the Charleston Gazette-Mail joins us to explore the issues and discuss two bills moving through the West Virginia Legislature that may address some of the need.

The comprehensive education reform bill – SB 451 – passed the West Virginia Senate following a few hours of debate. The bill now heads to the House of Delegates for consideration. Host Suzanne Higgins and Senior Statehouse Reporter Dave Mistich break down the day’s action over the bill. We also bring you a special report about the state’s drug court.

In this reporter roundtable, we recap the week’s proceedings over Senate Bill 451 – a massive bill to reform public education in West Virginia. We bring you up-to-date on where the bill is now and where it’s heading.

Appalachia Health News Reporter Kara Lofton leads a discussion on the Justice administration’s plan to tackle the state's substance abuse crisis, and host Suzanne Higgins chats with Senior Statehouse Reporter Dave Mistich about the comprehensive education reform bill, which continues to garner attention throughout the state and under the dome.