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The Pfizer Foundation has awarded a $500,000 grant in West Virginia for rehabilitation services for drug-addicted mothers and their newborns who are born dependent on drugs.

Melania Trump
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First lady Melania Trump has toured a West Virginia drug addiction recovery center for infants in the heart of the nation's opioid epidemic.

Trump visited Lily's Place in Huntington on Tuesday. The nonprofit facility, the first of its kind in the nation, works with addicted mothers' newborns who are enduring the torment of drug withdrawal. It also offers treatment to parents.

First Lady Melania Trump is coming to West Virginia to visit a drug treatment facility for infants born to addicted mothers.

Born Addicted: The Race To Treat The Ohio Valley’s Drug-Affected Babies

Feb 4, 2017
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John Ted Dagatano

She asked to not be identified. And it’s understandable given the stigma attached to addiction. For this story, we’ll call her “Mary.”

Mary lives in eastern Kentucky and has struggled with an addiction that began with painkillers and progressed to heroin.

“As soon as I opened my eyes, I had to get it,” Mary said. “And even when I did get it, then I had to think of the next way that I was going to get.”

Lily's Place the Inspiration for Federal NAS Act

Jul 26, 2016
Evan Jenkins Lilys Place
Clark Davis / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Congressman Evan Jenkins was in Huntington Tuesday at Lily’s Place – an infant recovery center that inspired a federal bill helping others to create facilities like it.

The Nurturing and Supporting Healthy Babies Act is part of a larger set of bills known as the Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Act, or CARA, and it addresses the national opioid crisis. . Both the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate passed the bill a few weeks ago. In just the last few days – CARA was signed by President Barack Obama.

House Committee Passes Welfare Drug Testing Bill

Mar 7, 2016
West Virginia Morning
West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On this West Virginia Morning we'll learn about West Virginia lawmakers overriding Governor Tomblin's veto of the concealed carry bill, a bill that would require drug testing for TANF recipients as well as a bill that would allow home-schooled kids to participate in school athletic teams. Also, Clark Davis brings us a story about Lily's Place, which has now cared for more than 90 babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome.

Since officially opening in October of 2014, Lily’s Place has cared for 91 babies with neonatal abstinence syndrome.

The Need for a Special Facility

Babies arrive at the facility on 7th avenue in Huntington suffering from different levels of withdrawal involved in neonatal abstinence syndrome.  Rhonda Edmunds is the Director of Nursing at Lily's Place.

Ebola Health Care Worker Ends 21 Day Monitoring

Nov 7, 2014
West Virginia Morning
West Virginia Public Broadcasting / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On West Virginia Morning, Glynis Board talks with a health care worker who spent a month assessing the Ebola virus in Liberia. And the Public Service Commission is holding public hearings across the state on a rate increase request from American Electric Power.  Jessica Lilly attended one in Mercer County.

Take Our Climate Change Survey

Oct 2, 2014
West Virginia Morning
West Virginia Public Broadcasting / West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On West Virginia Morning, a special facility that cares for drug addicted newborns finally opens in Huntington.  It had taken years to get the proper permits.  And we’ll go to the state biscuit bakeoff held during the Autumn Harvest Festival in Pocahontas County. 

Clark Davis


Lily’s Place was created to care for addicted babies in Huntington and now it’s going to finally open its doors.

The facility will care for babies born with neonatal abstinence syndrome, meaning the they’re born addicted to drugs because of their mothers.

Lily’s Place officials and state dignitaries were on hand Wednesday as they cut the ribbon and officially opened the doors for babies to be welcomed.

West Virginia Morning
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Meet Wes Davis of Point Pleasant, West Virginia's first national officer of the Future Farmers of America in 40 years. Lily’s Place, a drug rehabilitation facility for new born babies in Huntington, is still trying to open its doors to babies in need in the region. West Virginia University’s men’s and women’s basketball teams are getting ready for post-season play this week.