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Voters in November will decide on a resolution that would effectively strip the constitutional right to have an abortion in West Virginia.

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The West Virginia Senate has adopted a resolution that says the state constitution grants no right to an abortion or the funding of the procedure.

On The Legislature Today, Governor Jim Justice held a press conference addressing issues linked to PEIA and teacher pay. In the Senate, lawmakers debated abortion rights, and in the House, tempers flared as the 2018 state Legislative session hit the half-way mark.

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An amendment that would create exclusions to a resolution that grants no right to an abortion failed Thursday on the West Virginia Senate floor.

Sen. Corey Palumbo, a Democrat, offered an amendment to Senate Joint Resolution 12 that would have created an exception and allowed the right to an abortion in “the case of rape, incest or medical necessity.”

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The West Virginia Senate has voted against revising a proposed state constitutional amendment that would authorize lawmakers to restrict abortion rights.

The resolution advanced by the Senate Judiciary Committee would require two-thirds passage by both the Senate and House and a voter referendum to take effect.

On The Legislature Today, we take a closer look at state lawmakers’ efforts toward addressing child sexual abuse in West Virginia. Host Andrea Lannom has an in-depth discussion on the issue with a member of the West Virginia Task Force on Child Sexual Abuse – Emily Chittenden-Laird, Executive Director of the West Virginia Child Advocacy Network.

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Updated: Monday, February 5, 2018 at 3:44 p.m.


The House of Delegates held a public hearing Monday on a bill that would remove abortion from a list of Medicaid services.

The House Judiciary Committee heard comments on House Bill 4012, which would eliminate taxpayer funding for medically necessary abortions unless the mother’s life is in danger.

On The Legislature Today, we hear two very different perspectives on budget policy. As lawmakers continue holding budget presentations for state agencies and continue to grapple with how and where to spend state dollars, we’ve asked the directors of two West Virginia policy research organizations – with very different philosophies – to join host Andrea Lannom and offer us all something to think about. Garrett Ballengee is the Executive Director of the Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy and Ted Boettner is the Executive Director of the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy.

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A bill that would remove Medicaid funding for medically necessary abortions has been drawing a lot of attention in the House since passing through that chamber’s Health Committee last week. While the issue is inherently divisive, many questions about House Bill 4012’s constitutionality have been raised -- further drawing attention to the matter.

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House and Senate lawmakers introduced 28 joint resolutions in just the first week of the legislative session each calling for amendments to the state constitution. Some around the Capitol say such a number feels like a lot, while others say it’s rather normal. What is agreed upon, though, is that it is rare to have so many proposed constitutional amendments gaining traction this early in the session.

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Gov. Jim Justice has signed a law ending a doctor's ability to waive the legal requirement to notify parents of an underage daughter's abortion.

It allows only a judge to waive parental notification.

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Senators have approved a House bill that clarifies the state’s telemedicine laws, but also creates a new restriction for certain treatments.

House Bill 2509 makes it clear that doctors can treat certain diseases in minors or adults who are still enrolled in public school. 

House of Delegates
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The West Virginia House has voted to revise the legal requirement to notify parents of an underage daughter's abortion.

Under the current law, a physician other than the doctor performing the procedure can waive the requirement by finding the minor is mature enough to decide independently or that notification wouldn't be in her best interest.

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The House Republican health care proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act could have a profound impact on women’s health care coverage.

The ACA reformed several insurance provisions that affect women, including requiring coverage of no-cost birth control, not allowing insurance companies to charge women more than men and expanding coverage of pre-pregnancy care. Changes to these provisions would impact all women, but especially low-income women.

On The Legislature Today, during his State of the State Address, Gov. Jim Justice presented lawmakers with two plans.

The first was a way to balance the 2018 budget. The second, was a plan to raise more than $1 billion for road construction in the state through a road bond. Since, Justice has been traveling the state promoting that bond plan, but lawmakers have taken little action.

Secretary of the Department of Transportation Tom Smith discusses the proposal and whether Justice has given up on the push for new road funding.

Dona Wells walked through what’s left of the EMW Women’s Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky. Boxes fill what use to be offices. Sterilized medical supplies are in disarray. A light flickers on and off in the back hallway. She doesn’t see a point in fixing it. At 75, she still runs 25 miles a week, but Wells is tired.

“I was going to retire anyway, probably this year,” she said. But I wanted to do it on my terms, not Gov. Bevin’s terms.”

1 in 3 Campaign via Facebook

A national reproductive health advocacy group is stopping in Charleston today to increase local conversation about abortion.

One in three women have an abortion in their lifetime, according to the group Advocates for Youth who is hosting a campaign by the same name.

Charleston its sixth stop on the 1 in 3 Campaign is nationwide tour. The tour includes stops in states with some of the strictest abortion laws in the country.

West Virginia advocates will gather tonight at the union building at 9 and at the Capitol at 10 after Live at the Levee to host a lightshow.

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Members of the House of Delegates passed a bill that would ban a commonly used second-trimester abortion method.

Senate Bill 10 passed 86 to 13  in the House Monday. 

This bill bans dilation and evacuation, or D&E, abortions. It allows those procedures to take place, however, in cases of medical emergencies. Some OBGYNs have testified before lawmakers that the bill takes away one of the safest options for women and interferes with the doctor-patient relationship.

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Members of the House will vote on a bill Monday that would ban a commonly used second-trimester abortion method.

The Legislature Today
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Del. Mick Bates of Raleigh County discussed his party's proposals in the House to increase road funding. Those proposals have failed so far this session, but now Bates and other members of the House are waiting to see what Senators will do with a bi-partisan bill that would increase some fees in order to generate revenue.

West Virginia Morning
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On this West Virginia Morning, the House of Delegates is beginning work on a bill that would ban a common abortion method.

Senators cast their final votes on a bill to remove the permitting and safety training requirements to carry a concealed weapon in West Virginia. Members of the body also discuss a possible tobacco tax increase.

In the House, Delegates vote to allow West Virginia University Institute of Technology to transfer its headquarters out of Fayette County.

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A second-trimester abortion method would be banned in many instances under a bill that has passed the West Virginia Senate.

Senators voted 24-9 in favor of banning the commonly used abortion practice Wednesday.

Senate Approves Non-Partisan Election of Judges

Feb 20, 2015

At the legislature today, with three weeks left in this session, the Senate suspended the constitutional rule that bills be read on three separate days to quickly move legislation to the house.  In the House, the Government Organization committee has rejected a bill that would give County Commissions the authority to pass smoking regulations.  These stories and more legislative news coming up on The Legislature Today. 

DEP Secretary Responds to New Storage Tank Bill

Feb 11, 2015

  At the legislature today, legislation limiting abortions is on its way to the Senate after the House passed the bill overwhelmingly today.  Uber, the international car service, wants to do business in West Virginia, but legislators have concerns.  And we’ll talk with the Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection about the bill to roll back the aboveground storage tank law on The Legislature Today.

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Delegates approved six pieces of legislation Wednesday including a Senate bill that allows emergency responders, doctors, and family members to administer a drug to reverse the effects of an overdose. But it was House Bill 2568, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that got the most discussion on the floor before it was ultimately approved.

At the legislature today, the House approves a bill that inserts the legislature into the state Department of Environmental Protection’s plans to comply with US EPA carbon emission standards. That measure now goes to the senate where passage is expected. And a year after the Kanawha Valley water crisis, things are back to normal for the 300,000 West Virginians affected, but some residents of McDowell County are just getting clean water after years without it. A special report on water and more coming up on The Legislature Today.

State lawmakers are again pushing the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act in West Virginia, despite last year's veto.

High drama in the House of Delegates as tempers flare over the repeal of a bill regarding alternative fuels and renewable energy, even though the bill passed overwhelmingly.

Pro-choice advocates rallied at the state capitol today over the newly introduced bill to restrict abortions in West Virginia.

And we’ll talk about the public education system with state Board of Education president Gayle Manchin.

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  A Democrat has refiled a proposal banning abortions after 20 weeks gestation in West Virginia, despite its veto last year.

On Tuesday, Fayette County Del. David Perry reintroduced the bill Democratic Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin vetoed.

It bans abortions after 20 weeks, except for expectant women in medical emergencies.

Before last year's election, the Democratic-run House and Senate passed the proposal overwhelmingly.