West Virginia Morning: Farming Ginseng in Appalachia, Helping Heal Addiction Across W.Va. & More

Mar 15, 2018

Credit West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Lawmakers discussed several bills around opioid abuse and prevention this session, including the Opioid Reduction Act and have re-examined the state's medical marijuana law. Michael Brumage is the new director of the WV office of Drug Control Policy. Health reporter Kara Lofton talked to him last week about the role his office plays in implementing legislative policy. 

And Appalachian ginseng is a valuable commodity. A pound can go for several hundred dollars -- but it takes a lot of work to gather a pound of ginseng. Poachers and thieves make it even harder. The West Virginia Legislature recently voted to increase the fines for unlawfully digging the root. Eileen Guo spent a day in Scioto County, Ohio, with a grower who is taking protection of his crop into his own hands.