Health Navigators Continue Work in Northern W.Va. Despite Uncertain Future for ACA

Nov 17, 2016

Although the recent presidential election has raised questions about the Affordable Care Act’s future, West Virginia University says it will continue to operate the West Virginia Healthy Start Navigator Project. The program helps people in northern West Virginia sign up for health insurance under the ACA.

Individuals who are thinking about signing up for health insurance under the ACA before the Republican president-elect takes office should still do so. West Virginia University law professor Valarie Blake says that individuals would not be charged for any additional costs if the Affordable Care Act were repealed, as president-elect Donald Trump has said he would do.

"If the subsidies were withdrawn and the ACA were repealed, the worst that would happen is that they wouldn’t get their subsidies, they wouldn’t get to pay that month, but that would be the end of their insurance," she said. 

Since winning the election, Trump has recanted his statements about repealing the ACA, and is now leaning toward making changes to it instead.

Open enrollment for next year ends on Jan. 31.


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