Gap Between Rural Transit Demand, Access Growing

Oct 17, 2017

Credit West Virginia Public Broadcasting

On this West Virginia Morning, the Ohio Valley region has disproportionately high numbers of seniors and people living with disabilities and on low incomes -- those are all groups that frequently depend on public transit. Without transit, older people lose independence, and reaching a doctor or workplace becomes much harder. 

A new report finds that demand for transit in rural areas is climbing faster than in cities. But as Becca Schimmel reports, spending on rural transit is not keeping pace with demand.

Also on today's show, polling data show many of President Donald Trump's strongest supporters distrust news media. With that in mind, journalists with PolitiFact – a political fact-checking website – are visiting places that supported Trump the most, hoping to foster conversations. 

An event will be hosted Tuesday night at the Kanawha County Public Library, wrapping up two days of meetings in the state with political leaders and residents. Dave Mistich spoke with PoitiFact senior correspondent Louis Jacobson.