$5 Million Awarded to W.Va. AmeriCorps in Public/ Private Partnership

Jun 4, 2015

Senators Joe Manchin and Shelley Moore Capito announced new grants for AmeriCorps programs in West Virginia totaling $5 million in public/ private partnerships. Manchin says he’s proud that West Virginia ranks close to the top in the country for its AmeriCorps program.

“Because we do believe in community service in West Virginia, It’s about really neighbors helping neighbors, and giving back to our communities, which is really what we’re all about in beautiful West Virginia.”

Wendy Spencer, CEO of the CNCS, says West Virginians rank number 5 in the country for volunteer recruitment. 11,000 West Virginia residents have served in AmeriCorps in the last 20 years.

AmeriCorps receives Federal funding by way of grants from the Corporation for National and Community Service, or CNCS. Local matching funds from the private sector also fund AmeriCorps community service positions. The CNCS is awarding five new federal grants totaling $2.8 million that will fund more than 650 AmeriCorps Volunteer positions in West Virginia over the next year.

  1. $1,198,587 to West Virginia University, Energy Express, to fund 500 AmeriCorps members who will be doing reading assistance and providing nutritional assistance for 1st -6th grade students in rural West Virginia.

  2. $225,768 to the Education Alliance of AmeriCorps, to fund 35 AmeriCorps who will provide drop out prevention and mentor services that address student attendance.

  3. $322,500 to the Appalachian Forest Heritage Area, to fund 26 AmeriCorps who will be working to assist with community development, improve historic buildings, and improve damaged and at risk ecosystems at small, Appalachian towns.

  4. $242,000 United Way of Central West Virginia, Life Bridge AmeriCorps Veteran Corps, to fund 20 AmeriCorps members who will provide job skills training and help create opportunity for unemployed veterans and military families.

  5. $903,068 Life Bridge AmeriCorps, to fund 70 AmeriCorps members who will provide financial literacy, job skills, and facilitate access to healthy foods to low income families throughout the state.

Some of that money will go towards educational awards that AmeriCorps receive after their year in service.

For more information about AmeriCorps service in West Virginia click here.